Letter to C – Our Final Chapter in his Foster Story

May was National Foster Care Month. Try as I might to get these thoughts on paper, it didn’t happen. But they need to be shared all the same.  It has been such a roller coaster ride to date.  My family and I are so very grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received from our family, friends and community.

This is a letter to a boy I will never know past the age of “almost four”. This is the final chapter that includes him in our story – never to be forgotten.

Dear C,

You came into our lives tentative and quiet. In your camouflaged winter coat with your broken glasses and your vacant stare. Yet you left us loud, giggling and smiling.  

You were such an exciting adventure. Figuring out what you liked didn’t take long.  Life Cereal, yogurt drinks, bedtime in your comfy bed with your Kangaroo -“Baby”, dancing in the kitchen to Taylor Swift and the Jackson 5, cuddling up in the rocking chair with Ice, your first experience with pre-school and making artwork and how could I overlook – BASKETBALL! You left us with your hoop and basketball ready to make more memories and develop your amazing skills.

You were such a challenge. Figuring out what routines we could not stray from, trying to manage your confusion and anger when you returned from a visit with your biological Mom, wishing some meal times weren’t so disrupted by behaviors you could not help, figuring out what you were trying to communicate – sometimes in ways we had not heard or seen before, wondering if there would be a day when our home would be your forever home? 

We don’t have to wonder anymore. We know to be true that our paths were not to cross forever. Just the space in our hearts where you landed. You have moved on to another home. One with a woman at the head who possesses more training than we and more room in the season of her life to help you blossom. 

For all the effort we put forth to get you the help you deserved, for the care and love and learning that went on in our home every day, for the many places we traveled together outside of the world you lived in before – we are grateful.

For the lessons you taught us, the humility you brought us, the soul-searching and the conversations with God – we are grateful.

Your dazzling smile lit up the room. Your eyes sparkled the brightest when you were laughing. You are SUCH a beautiful kiddo we were blessed to know.

Grow, grow, grow, little man. Do as much good as you can. Learn everything you can and never stop dazzling the world with your amazing smile and your bright eyes. Holding on to the belief that your forever home is coming to you very soon.

Hugs and love,

Your sometime family 


What next? I just don’t know.

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5 thoughts on “Letter to C – Our Final Chapter in his Foster Story

  1. Deb Drabant says:

    OMG… could hardly read thru the tears. Anyone who knew of the situation can understand your comments , if even just slightly. Happy/sad… joy/sorrow. We are all lucky to have had him cross our path. Hope he has a fun summer😎 ❌⭕️

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  2. I have had your email notification in my inbox for some time, and from the title I new that I would completely break down when I read your post. I was right.

    I don’t even have the words to describe how your story has touched me, and how grateful I am that there are people out there like yourself, who not only are so good that they take the initiative and make a real difference in a person’s life, but are also strong enough to do it again.

    Yeah… I have no more words. Just lots and lots of tears. I hope C has the wonderful life he deserves.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Leila. Our hope is exactly the same as yours. You know what got me yesterday? I saw leftover pull-up diapers that we had for him. It was such a struggle and a daily battle to overcome “potty training”. We never quite got it before he left. Silly thing to get sentimental about. But I did.

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