20190415_185344_HDRTitanimom is a 40-something work at home Mom living in the Midwest with her husband and their three children on the edge of stress, bless and a little town she likes to call Wineville.  When she was little she had dreams of starring on Broadway in the musical Annie or being a creator of Hallmark cards (because her Dad always said she would be good at it).  She worked in Human Resources in the corporate world for eight years and resurrecting a childhood passion for writing, had a few essays published in magazines, including Fit Pregnancy.

Working towards staying home with her children, she built a successful career in direct sales for over 18 years.

After welcoming her third child at age 39, life got really interesting, priorities shifted and her and her husband were licensed to be foster parents with the intent to adopt. (The path unfortunately didn’t lead to an adoption.)

She celebrates (most days) and writes all about the strength, chaos, love and humor it takes to be a woman and a mom.  She obsessively collects recipes never made, struggles with paper clutter never organized and dreams of ocean air, sand in her toes and the book she wants to finish.

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    • Nadege, I am so honored! Thank you! I am still such a budding blogger and newbie. What a nice little feather in my cap. I will most certainly participate. I can’t wait to see my post either! It will be a little challenge for me because I see you’ve already nominated some of the fabulous bloggers I would have nominated!


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