The Lightning Round Update

Wow, I have been off the cyber scene. A Nerf basketball lobbed into the coffee mug, into the laptop. Seven weeks and a Geek Squad later and I am ready to give you, my fair reader, (are you still out there?) the lightning round update. (No plunking out posts on a cell phone for this blogger!)

  • Flu (Me) Moms can’t be sick, especially Moms with spirited toddlers who know how to undo all of the safety locks, take off diapers anywhere, anytime, anyplace and practice their mad potty training skills “all by myself”.
  • An appearance in children’s court for our Foster Kiddo, C. Now that is a world I do not want to cruise through again anytime soon. Me standing in the “TSA Security”
    line to get in. No one told me of the pat down that could be in my future. My weapon of choice – fingernail clippers – of which I am sure I have never even used.

Mmmm, sub-zero temperatures to save a cuticle emergency someday? Or toss it now? Decisions…Decisions…

Ma’am, you have some clippers in your purse.

I do?

Yes. You can take them to your car or I can throw them away.

Me literally fumbling in my purse for 5 minutes holding up traffic scouring my purse for said clippers and wondering what other surprises lay ahead of me that day? Plenty. Even after the pat down.

  • Same day of weapon confiscation was a formal affair for Ice’s work. Tux, evening gown, tall people time, tall beverages and caviar no less. I can just float in and out of different realities on a dime!

I highly recommend Rent the Runway!

Corner of a board book into Little Bee’s eye. The 7th visit to the Pediatrician in about 6 weeks. Good times. (Did I mention this was in between court in the morning and Academy Awards night in the evening? Same day, yes it was.)

Each peach

All my kids have loved this tattered book.

  • The calendar flipped another year for me. Thankfully, the older I get the more I realize age is just a number and I still feel about 28. My crow’s-feet and foggy brain beg to differ, but if it’s all the same, I’ll choose to live in my fantasy world.
  • Timeout after timeout after appointment after assessment, Ice and I are still trying to wade through the new reality that is our decision to foster parent. About all I can say for privacy’s sake is it’s been a wild, confusing, frustrating and at times looking-to-the-heavens kind of ride. There is so much potential with this little guy. Yet there is an incredibly broken system, an overload of work to be done and not enough people to do it and what feels like an immense lack of a sense of urgency. If nothing else it has been an education and a test of our faith.

wpid-img_20150326_160252.jpg           wpid-img_20150216_125405749.jpg

  •  Thankfully in between all the busy and crazy there has been snuggles, belly laughs, cheering from the stands, a Valentine’s party at Pre-school, dinners together, play time outside in temperatures barely resembling Spring and contortionist-like efforts to rescue Little Bee from the heights of a McDonald’s play land.  I am so grateful for the gym membership in these times!   

You’re up to date.

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