The Next Step in our Fostering Journey

It’s been so long since I had anything to share about our desire to Foster to Adopt a little boy. Life has been moving along at break neck speed with our 2-, 10- and 12-year olds.

Then the week before Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to meet up with a sweet, quiet, yet joyful little 3-year old boy.

Just a quick visit for dinner and some playtime.  The promise of a few overnights in the near future.

The questions in my head of What next? How long? Is he the one that will find a forever home in our house?

And those questions aren’t just in my head. They are asked of Ice and me multiple times a week by those who love and support us and have encouraged our efforts from the start.

I would be absolutely lying if I said I did not worry about the heartbreak that could be up ahead. There are no guarantees. We know it. But it still makes me a little anxious.

However, in just one hour Ice will pick him up for another overnight.

We have missed him all week. His booster chair is still in place at the the kitchen table.

Thanksgiving weekend. How fitting. We will enjoy spending the time we have with him today.

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2 thoughts on “The Next Step in our Fostering Journey

  1. Yesterday, during our Day of Thanks, I was thinking of you. (So thankful we are long-time friends!)Added a word of prayer for the very best outcome for your family. “Hope” for that sweet little one to come into your family. While being thankful, thought it was a very “good day”, to send some positive thoughts your way.

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