2013, Thank you for the Lessons

IMG_7246This photo is a picture of Little Bee after she reaches in to the plant in the foyer for the 327th time to grab some dirt. Usually she makes sure to leave her mark by dropping something in there like a random toy or her sippy cup. She always makes sure to taste the dirt as well.  And then begrudgingly Mom swoops in with the broom…

It got me thinking, at what age do we learn from our mistakes? At what age do we decide to try something different?

Every time I happen to notice her approach that plant I say “No.” VERY firmly.

Every time she doesn’t listen I say it LOUDER.

Then I start walking towards her and invariably she looks at me, then smiles and does it anyways.

It’s only through trial and error, mistakes and reflection that we learn.  She is too young for the latter. Mmmmm… therein lies the difference.

I am no fan of New Years’ Resolutions.  Near about five years ago I decided they just weren’t for me.  Pressure myself into something I would abandon in two weeks? Gear up for a new habit that was way out of my comfort zone and thus why it was never a habit of mine to begin with? Or the scheduling of it all – whatever it is that now needs to have a time slot?  Makes me exhausted.

BUT, I will take my cues from Little Bee and make 2014 the year of the conscious effort to stop “playing in the dirt.”

2013 was an amazing year on so many levels.  Lots to reflect on. Lots to sort through and learn from.

It would be so great if the same broken record that plays in my head about any number of things would stop. Whether it is the harshness with which I judge myself sometimes.  Or the myriad of assumptions I make about what other people’s intentions may be. Or the lack of attention I give my kids sometimes when I am distracted by the most unimportant of things.

It would be great if I could shed those bad habits and free myself from the bad energy they bring.

Instead of worrying about Little Bee’s dirt, I can be my own broom!  It’s in my power to do so.

Happy New Year.

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