Pass the Art Smock

IMG481Want to have some fun?  Put six women in a situation they probably haven’t been in since the first grade, add wine and stir.  A recent trip to an art studio/bar for a friend’s birthday celebration was a welcome surprise.  However, I was so confused about the concept.  I drove her crazy trying to conceptualize what we were all getting in to.

My side of the conversation went something like this: “We’re going to paint and drink wine?” “How are we going to paint?” “What will we paint?” “I can’t paint!”  I knew one thing –  I was in for the wine and girlfriend time. Bring on the art smocks!

We had the choice from a menu of several different works of art complete with the accompanying colors mixed and presented to us, a set of brushes, a canvas, an easel and the most important choice: white or red? (See photo. We prefer red.)

Now what? We’re supposed to make our canvas look like the one in the brochure?  Sure. Five easy steps to Van Gogh.

Would I ruin the canvas with the first stroke?

The process from start to finish was so satisfying.  Some conceptualized what they were going to do first and plotted and planned the first stroke.  Some just dove right in and started splashing paint on the canvas. There was doubt, giggles, comparison, uncertainty and concentration to go around.  One friend felt the pressure to create something worthy of her daughter who had seemed quite incredulous that Mom could go out and actually come home with a recognizable piece of artwork. (Mission totally accomplished by the way.)

Was it the wine or the child-like enthusiasm that kept us having so much fun? In retrospect it seemed like the sheer joy of creating something that wasn’t there, and each woman adding her own spin to it, was the MOST fun. No matter what our backgrounds or experience, we were undeniably all artists that evening.  I highly recommend the experience to anyone given the opportunity.

And wouldn’t it be amazing to challenge yourself to do something, anything creative in the upcoming weeks if you haven’t tapped in to that side of yourself recently?  What would YOU do? Leave a comment – keep me posted!

5 thoughts on “Pass the Art Smock

  1. Deb says:

    How could anyone not want to experience the evening that you detailed, (so very well, too!). I could see myself posing the same concerns…then ordering red with my smock!


  2. AG says:

    A few weeks ago, I went with girlfriends to a similar place. We painted wine glasses. It was a blast. One of my glasses is atrocious, but one is nice. Even the atrocious one reminds me of friends and a good time!


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